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Posse Rounded Up and Defeated

Kings Road Cricket Club vs Whalers CC; Battersea Park; Sunday 23rd June 2019

All good things must come to an end. And the Whale’s winning streak (of two) did so rather abruptly on Sunday 23rd at the hands of Kings Road Cricket Club. The opposition chased down the target set by a plucky band of Whalers (and borrowed Whalers) in the 23rd over of their innings, taking advantage of the short boundaries, and some extra help from the bowling, to finish the day somewhat early. The resounding nature of the loss should not however take away from the monumental effort in succeeding to get 11 players together for the day.

As of Thursday, the Whalers available to play numbered 5. A scant selection perhaps but due to some determined hounding from Jack around his office (something along the lines of ‘so, have you heard of cricket?’, by close Friday availability stood at closer to 8 or 9, enough for a game. That determination was rewarded further still by the time of Sunday morning, as the opposition had delved into its reserves of interested players and conjured up a couple of players to donate to our cause. So it was that 11 players introduced themselves to each other in the Battersea Park pavilion, assumed undying devotion and loyalty to the Whale and headed out into the arena. Or at least they did once Kamal had torn himself away from watching another game in the park to deliver both himself and the kit bag.

Jack lost the toss and the opposition chose to make Whalers bat first. Pip and Dheeraj led their way to the middle and started steadily enough before the former was run out and the latter was bowled to make the score 29 for 2. This brought together Paris and Fraser, two players Kings Road had added to our ranks. Fraser announced his arrival by getting off the mark with a 6 viciously aimed at his teammates on the boundary which ricocheted off at least two surfaces on the pavilion. He saw a couple of partners come and go in quick succession until he himself departed for 22, bowled by the off-spinner. Russell and Dan evidently decided this was the a la mode form of dismissal, both promptly gifting golden ducks to the same bowler. At which point Whalers were 62 for 7 and starting to wonder if they would have time after the game to visit the fete that the dog’s home had put on nearby. However, this brought together Dillen and Jack for the 8th wicket partnership and they set about dragging the score into the realms of respectability. Dillen’s watchful innings combined with Jack’s shot-making (including his first career 6s) to make for a partnership of 82. By the end of the 35 overs Whalers had managed to post 144 for 7, with Dillen and Jack not out on 38 and 42 respectively.

After tea Russell and Jack opened the bowling, with Dan taking up gloves behind the stumps. Russell ‘opted’ to mix up some rank full tosses with occasional balls that hit the pitch. After taking some considerable tap, in his third over one of these rare pitched balls was given out lbw, though only the bowler and, thankfully, the umpire seemed to find it was so. A couple of balls later a clatter of stumps left no doubters as to the fall of the second wicket. Russell’s 2 for 35 off 4 set something of a precedent for their expense. Jack managed the remarkable feat of dropping himself 3 times off of his own bowling – off the same ball, before the change of bowling came in. Dheeraj started his spell with a Harmison-like javelin throw to 2nd slip but soon tightened up to deliver 1 for 7 off 4 overs, his wicket caught at long off. Sadly this proved to be the final wicket to fall. Whalers new boys Nick and Kinesh turned their arms over, mixing up some nice deliveries with some baseball throws through to the keeper. Nick managed to trap his finger between ball and knee in the field, following a terrific one handed stop, and in doing so split it wide open. He left the field in a shower of blood searching for a bandage. Dan and Jack had swapped keeping duties by now and as the opposition closed in on their target, one ball from Dan skidded through to Jack, whose foot changed the direction of the ball just enough to divert into the resting helmet behind him. 5 runs to other side and the day just about summed up. One more over and it was all over. The Kings Road top scorer was ‘extras’, with 42.


Champagne moment: Fraser’s off the mark with a life threatening 6

Muppet moment: Jack deflecting the ball into the helmet

Man of the match: Dillen for his 38 not out


Shiny New Shoes Help Whalers to a 5 wicket victory over Quokkas

Whalers CC vs Quokkas CC; Kings House Sports Ground; Sunday 30th June 2019

Author N. Howes

Evidently there must be a sale on at Sports Direct, as no fewer than 4 Whalers players, were wearing the above shoes (Amit the original, Russel, Asim and Viren)….

Post 34 degree high heat on Saturday the Whalers gathered as usual at Kings House for the 12.30 meet time. A couple of members failed to make the 12.30 cut off, notably Nick and Matt arriving late. There ensued a robust discussion on the merits of playing a 20-25 over game, instead of the regulation 35 overs. This in theory was to benefit the English supporters who would have then been able to finish early and watch the World Cup; India vs England cricket game. Robust discussion ended, skipper, Dean and Dan dictating we would be playing 35 overs. Post grumbling in the change rooms, the Whalers lost the toss and were sent out to bowl. With big thanks to Amit and his friends we were to play a chimeric Quokka/Whaler side (7 Quokka’s and 4 adopted Whalers) vs captain Deans Whalers 11.

Due to a lack of fitness, motivation and general poor attitude, Nick opened the bowling with the wind and got the ball to move away. Dan opened at the other end and got the break-through in the 4th over removing Suhib caught Fraser and Scott LBW in consecutive balls. A very rare hatrick chance motivating the Whalers to stand in an unusually very aggressive field placement (3 slips, fly slip and silly mid-on). Missed opportunity with new batsmen Viren confidently hitting to point, getting off the mark running two. The Whalers then returning to their casual lackadaisical field placements and fielding for the rest of the game. Both Nick and Dan bowled reasonably economical, Nick harshly unsupported by 2 dropped chances in his final over.

Next to bowl were Dheeraj and Special K. Deeraj left arm action exhibiting some actual great pace and aggression, not witnessed by a Whalers side for quite some time. Unlucky to have not taken a wicket off 4 overs. Special got some real flight bowling into the wind and troubled the Quokkas, removing opener Amit for 33 and Amit the original LBW. New shoe wearing Russel and Asim came on next and Russel bowled really well taking 2 for 16 off 5. Asim bowled a corker to the dangerous Allan, the bowl moving off the pitch to hit the top of off stump, his figures standing out at 1 for 14 off 4 overs (champagne moment). Russel also took a good wicket bowling the batsmen. Slightly over zealous celebration however! Andrew and Fraser finished off the Quokkas batting both taking bowled wickets. It could be argued, by the cricketing purists, that a double bouncing bowled by Fraser is technically a no ball. The umpire didn’t see it that way or chose to ignore the rules, Quokkas making a competitive 143 off 34 overs.

NB: It should be mentioned that pretty much everyone dropped a catch…notably Dan, Matt L, Nick, Andrew, Fraser, Dean, and others. Some catches were harder than others. Also there were some calamitous run out attempts and a shit load of wides.


The Whalers lead by Dean came out with real determination post lunch. Dean played some nice shots but both Matt and Fraser were given out LBW. Matt calmly walking off the field, no visible signs of chuntering, straight to the bar as suggested by the author, to get a beer for the author and himself. Dillen and Asim continued the run rate with a confident Dean hitting a number of 6s and 4s to really up the ante. Dillen, Andrew and Asim played some nice shots but all departed before Dan came in to steady the ship. Both he and Dean calmly making the required 144 in 23 overs (calmly inside the suggested 25 overs). Although some spectators noticed Dan hogging the strike in one over and dragging out the game. To be fair the Quokka’s Fruity bowled some fantastic off spin and Dan had to be defensive. Dean finished on 86 and Dan 14 not out respectively. Both batted really well. The whalers coming into mid-season winning form by a confident 5 wickets.

Thanks again to all (Amit the original, Amit, Viren and Suhib) who volunteered to play for the Quokkas. Amit travelling from Berlin for the game and Suhib travelling from Amsterdam.

Read the Quokkas report: HERE


Champagne – Aseem’s bowled – moved off the pitch to hit the top of off stump.

Muppet – Dillen’s – long barrier in the wrong place to miss the ball.

Muppets – anyone with brand new Kookaburra shoes

Man of the match – Dean – 86 not out.

Fines of the day – Nick and Dan – £4.50 each

Whalers Get Fright in Tight Finish with Salix

Whalers CC vs Salix CC; King’s House Sports Ground; Sunday 16th June 2019

Two  weeks with heavy rain and without cricket didn’t dampen the spirits of the 11 Whalers that assembled for their only Fixture against Salix this year. Captain Jack won the toss and elected to bat on a pitch with variable bounce and slow outfield.

A typical slow start saw much playing and missing by Will and Dean. In fact Dean offered a catchable drive that just cleared mid on. Then the decision of the day arrived: Dean missed a ball, the fielders thought they heard a sound and the Umpire Roland remained unmoved. With no obvious deflection and with Dean holding his ground and probable pad involved the right decision was probably arrived at.

Soon Will was out to LBW to their bowler Sai for 11 with the partnership on 45 runs, Channa didn’t hang around also out LBW as well, beer goggles still on?  This bought Special K to the crease and Salix smelt blood bringing close catchers all around. Some prodding and poking was soon followed by a floaty cover drive that went for 4 much to the delight of the Whalers team.  By now Dean was in his pomp and was driving and pulling anything long or short.  Special offered a catch and was gone with the score on 100. Roland didn’t hang around either again another LBW decision with a Ball that was high. ??. Nearer his box than knee roll and whalers were 4 down [Editor’s note: Roland is writing this match report]. The collapse continued – our guest Whaler Amit offered a return catch and then their keeper missed a potential stumping / catch off Dean who decided to go for a run of the  misfield and  Aseem was run out without facing. Amit also departed which brought trusty Dan to the crease to give his usual doughty innings of ones and 2’s and offering Dean the strike. 50 Runs were added in the last 4 /5 overs and Dean soon passed his ton to finish with a super much needed 128. Extras on 22 and Dan third top Scorer on 13. Nick chattering away as normal having to pad up and not even get  out in the middle.

After tea the wind picked up and soon the heavy clouds drifted away and the sun made an appearance. Dan was in on the act and had the opener caught and then clean bowled their Number 2. Nick meanwhile bowled a beauty to remove their number 3 for just 16 runs and Salix were 3 down for about 40 runs. This bought out their number 5 batsman who began by blocking everything. The run rate was helped by the appearance of the wind and some wides. Jack came on as first change as was swinging it in nicely. Amit and Aseem were soon sharing the other end, but their number 5 was accelerating nicely.  

Jack removed their number 6 by a nice smart catch from Nick. Another easy catch was soon dropped by Channa. The ball was driven straight to him chest height, Channa mis-sighted it and ran in 5 yards only for the ball to strike him on the collar bone and he dropped down like a sack of potatoes .  Much mirth ensued. Then another calamity happened as Salix were running for anything – an edge went near the wicketkeeper then Roland threw it at the stumps and missed, Next Will had a go as well then another fielder had a shy at the stumps and missed another good chance. So 3 missed  run outs and Salix had run 3 ???!!!


Their Number 5 was by now past 50 and doing most of the scoring, with good support from their Number 9 who was running for anything and Salix were threatening the Whalers total . With 30-ish needed from the last 3 overs, Dan came back in to bowl and was soon tight as well and he bowled their Number 5 to really stifle Salix who finished on a classy 74.  Nick also came back on and reduced the free runs. Soon 19 Runs were needed of the last over and 2 run outs ended the compelling finish of a match. Dan finished with 3 wickets for 34 runs, Jack finished with 3 wickets for 20 runs and Nick bowled his 7 overs for just 22 runs and 2 maidens.  But 40 extras on wides and no balls told its own story of how close Salix came to pinching it.


Champagne: Kamal’s floaty cover drive for 4

MUPPET: Channa trying to catch it with his shoulder

MOM: Dean 

Salix report HERE

The One with Gouldy Gold and Deano Dynamite

Whalers CC vs Clapham Inn CC; King’s House Sports Ground; Sunday 2nd June 2019

The last time we met CICC was at the end of season social, a night that ended in a haze of rum and cokes. Today’s meeting was at a very different venue, with cloudy skies and goose shit across the outfield of an otherwise pristine Kings House. 

It was to be a reduced overs game, though I’m still not sure why. 30 overs each of the best that English cricket has to offer. 

Skipper, Will, won the toss and elected to bat. Openers Dean and Al got stuck in and the score started to tick over, though slowly. The partnership was short lived however with Al being caught for 17 in the 7th over. 27 for 1. 

Channa, on season debut, didn’t really trouble the scorer, when he was bowled for 9 in the 10th over. The Whale was 44 for 2, Roland in next. Despite some initial spluttering Roland soon settled in to playing a supporting role to Dean. The bowling had turned into  =some slow medium pies and Dean, who had not quite managed to find the middle of the bat initially, soon made up for with with a flurry of boundaries and a couple of back to back sixers.

The run rate escalated rapidly with the Whale reaching 100 in the 16th over.   Dean continued to tonk it around, soon reaching a well deserved century. He went on to make 112, before deciding that the gentlemanly thing to do would be to retire and give someone else a go. He was later fined for protecting his average. At the end of the 23rd over the Whale was sitting pretty at 161 for 2. A remarkable 100+ run partnership. 

Roland continued carrying out an admirable job at the other end, and joined by Sipper Will, kept the board ticking. It wasn’t much longer though until Roland was bowled for 33. 190 for 3, 26th over.

Seth was up next. Having flown all the way from Australia to play for the Whalers, he started his innings with a trademark nurdle. Skipper Will was never allowed the freedom to loosen up, and despite some lovely shots, didn’t really have time to get settled in. He was caught of the very last ball, trying to hoik. Very admirable Captaincy. He made 20, and alongside Seth took the Whale to an impressive 209/3 of 30. Next up, tea! 

Kings house Teas are certainly a lot different to the ham sandwiches of old. Cori chicken wraps, ploughmans thick, the occasional lemon slice. It was all happening. 

CICC came to the crease, and from the outset were aggressive. They had to be. Batsman 1 took a shine to Viren who was dispatched around the ground. Aseem, from the other end was bowling his medium pace off-cutters and finally forced batsman 1 to hit the ball straight to Gouldy at long off. The look of pure horror on Gouldy’s face as he saw the ball head towards him, and the utter relief on his face when he caught it, is an image that will stick with me for a long while. This is why we play cricket. He deservingly won Champagne moment for holding his nerve.

Aseem kept the batsmen busy and it wasn’t long until batsman 3 stepped forward for a hoick, only to hear the death rattle behind him. The score at this point was around 40 for 2 of around 5 overs. Keeping in mind that this was a 30 over game, and that batsman 2 was still in the crease and looking increasingly dangerous it was no wonder that the score board began to tick over. There was a bowling change with Kamal and Seth stepping up. It must be said that the Whale was sharp in the field, and limiting the singles soon forced batsman 4 to take a hasty run. Gould was up for it, throwing it to the keeper who ran out Batsman 4 for a well made 22. Gould was in the action soon after when he stepped up to bowl, forcing Batsman 5 to spoon one up to Skipper Will. 

The Overs were ticking over and with CICC at around 120 for 4, the in-form batsman 2, smacked the ball around. There were a few drops, notably from Dean, who managed to get his hands to one, only to juggle it a few times, before dropping it. Later at fines he was fined for 3 drops, which is absolutely what we saw on the field. With Roland now safely behind the stumps Dean stepped up to bowl, finally getting Batsman 2 to take a step too far forward, forcing a good stumping by the Hogg. Well done Gregory, (Batsman 2), on your 83.  

With the overs running out there was one final bit of excitement as batsman 6 was caught and bowled for 8. The remaining batsman got CICC to a very respectable 187 of 30, but they were outdone by the Whalers batting (and by that I mean Dean’s). Notable bowling by Aseem who bowled 6 overs, 2 maidens, 2 for 18. 

The win went to the Whale and we all celebrated with beers. 

Whalers 209 / 3 (30)

Clapham Inn 187 ao (30)

Champagne moment – Jimmy gould’s catch, preceded by a look of horror and then the look of utter relief.

Muppet – Deans drop, which went like this. Catch, juggle, catch, juggle, drop. 

Man of the match went to Dean for his terrific century, with honourable mentions to Roland for runs, a stumping and being involved in an fantastic Run out (thanks for Gouldys efforts)

Last Over Exile for the Whale

Whalers CC v Energy Exiles, 19 May 2019; King’s House Sports Ground


After last week’s batting woes, the Whalers gathered at Kings House keen to make amends against old foes the Energy Exiles. Dean lost the toss and we were, errrm, batting. And when Seth was bowled shortly followed by Rahul, and then Dillen, things were not looking great at 14-3 – especially as Dean had already been dropped once at the other end. However, Russell and Dean then put on a great partnership to turn things around, displaying a range of shots including a variety of lofted drives and flicks from Russell and a couple of sixes for Dean. As drinks approached, the batsmen decided to start offering some catching practice, but at halfway we were nearly 100 still with only 3 wickets down.


The catching practice continued after drinks, before Russell departed for a career best 33. Viren was then bowled for 11, and Dean accelerated to his first ton of the season before deciding to retire himself for an average-enhancing 103*. Dheeraj then kept things moving at one end for 32* including some good back-foot drives, but Amit, Dan and Aseem all departed fairly quickly. However, last man Kamal joined Dheeraj to see the score past 200, and the consensus was that the final score of 207-8 was pretty defendable.


In reply, Dan opened with several leg-side wides one of which the batsman was unlucky enough to tickle through to Dean behind the stumps. A decent partnership followed before Russell got a couple of quick wickets and then Viren bowled the number 5. However, the Exiles stayed in the game with another good partnership, and although there were wickets for Amit and Aseem, we never quite put the game away. There were a couple of drops but in general the bowling and fielding were fairly tight throughout, they just batted a little bit better than we bowled and put the bad balls away. Dheeraj was the pick of the 8 bowlers tried and was unlucky not to pick up a wicket, but in the end we weren’t able to break the final partnership between the Exiles two opening bowlers who got them over the line with three balls to spare.


All in all a good game played in an excellent spirit, which was competitive throughout and finished as the shadows lengthened, everyone got to bat and pretty much everyone got to bowl. So it had pretty much everything except for the win – hopefully we can get the elusive first victory when cricket returns in June! 


Whalers CC 207-8: Dean 103*, Russell 33, Dheeraj 32*

Exiles CC 208-6: Russell 2-33

Man of the Match was shared between Dean and Russell. Champagne moment went to Russell for his slow ball yorker bowled, and muppet to Rahul for a dropped skier.