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Whalers vs Beamers, Tuesday (not Wednesday) 26 May 2015

 Whalers win by 8 wickets

The Whalers were all set for our annual trip to north London when the shocking email came through. No not the one saying that Channa was going to be in charge, but the one saying that the game was in fact Wednesday not Tuesday (or something). But all credit to Channa for spending the rest of his romantic weekend away rounding up the troops, and thanks to Carl, Dave and Andy for helping us out. Despite the short notice, we ended up with a typically well-balanced Whalers team with 9 bowlers and no wicketkeeper – and more players than we had originally.

 Captain Channa’s first act, slightly controversially, was to decide we would bowl first. As the pitch resembled a damp pudding with ankle-high bounce, this turned out not to be a bad call. Tight bowling from pretty much everyone put the Beamers under pressure, and wickets fell regularly with 2 for Jack, 2 in 2 balls for Jiff, and 3 for Dave + a sharp run-out. A bit of late slogging and the usual collection of Whalers dropped catches meant that the Beamers closed on 101-8 from their 20 overs.

 Which looked a long way away two balls later, as Rich’s good run of form came to an end. But then Dave and Andy got the scoreboard ticking over and basically won the game, keeping the crowd entertained by first persuading two giant dogs (well, ok, one giant dog and one midget) to break out of a nearby garden and chase the nearest fielder, and then by Dave hitting a huge six which pinged off the top of a lamppost at long-on. Job done, Dave promptly retired himself to give JT a go. JT then generously decided to give Channa a go, and by the time Andy also retired himself we needed about 10 from almost as many overs. 5 overs of scratching around from Dan and Channa later, the Whalers finally crawled over the finish line. Although the scorebook suggests this was a comfortable 8-wicket win, at the time it felt a bit closer especially given the pitch, and credit to the Beamers for keeping going to the end.

 Man of the match was Dave for his 3 wickets and 35 not out; champagne moment was Dave’s straight six off the lamppost (honourable mention for whoever let the dogs out), and muppet moment had plenty of contenders but in the end went to Channa on his captaincy debut for Dario getting the day wrong.

 Beamers: 101-8 from 20 overs (Dave Magarey 3-13, Jiff 2-12, Jack 2-13)

Whalers: 103-2 from 16 overs (Dave 35*, Mr Extras 31*, Andy Blackett 23*)

Whale Bats away Roehampton

  Whalers bt Roehampton Bats by 15 runs, Sunday May 24th


The wild celebrations begin


100 Caps for Rich from the President


Pain of fines eased by beer

The Whale made it 3 wins in a row, with the captain Gilo, steering the ship home on a challenging day of cricket to win by 15 runs. On an inclement day of weather fine batting, bowling and fielding fully justified captaincy of Richard Giles in his landmark 100 game. His reputation only dented by the loss of the game ball mid-session… also apparently justifying his ‘muppet of the match’ selection by unanimous decision, all-be-it some may say unfairly.

The skipper arrived promptly at 12.45 sweaty from his arduously cycle from down the road to see most already ready and raring to go. Ben, running late suggested via text, he would run from Barnes station to make sure he would make the 1.00pm start time.. Zia however made no such declaration and rocked up 45 minutes into play. Pre-game this week, there were to be no Dan Osgood led antics of running around headless throwing balls at stumps as Gilo sensibly decided to go for the more comfortable ritual of a couple of catches, a few stretches and the usual laxadasically inspired speech.  A further presentation from Al reminded us of the significance of Gilo’s 100 game achievement. Cap presented…35 overs was the order of the day. Game on!

The opposition this week had some very good quick bowlers as discovered by the opening pair Rich and Stu. Both battled the speed and wit of the opposition with some fine shots. Rich eventually made 26 but was caught of the bowling of Harris. Stu also playing some inspired shots similarly made 25 but was caught at point to a fine juggled catch by the Roehampton Bats skipper…Al after lots of pre bat ‘throw downs’ walked out to the crease to face 2 balls and then reinact Stu’s previous shot and was promptly caught at point again to a fine catch by the Roehampton Bats skipper. There was some discussion post game in fines if he ‘was’ or ‘wasn’t’ wearing his trademark head sweatband. The emphatic debate continues.

Zia and Tariq stopped the collapse continuing the run rate at a competitive rate. There didn’t seem to be much communication out in the middle however. Never the less Zia’s stand and deliver strokes dispatched balls to various parts of the ground. Similarly Tariq made a handy 17 before hitting a skyward shot and promptly being caught, introducing Jiff Judd to the crease. Geoff battled hard to get ball on bat and scampered some runs before also being caught for 9 off the bowling of Cava. Zia kept the runs coming scoring 39 before being bowled by a yorker from the very quick Harvey. Nick and Dan were left to make some runs off the last 6 overs. Nick opted to allow Dan fortuitously to take the strike and make 35 runs very quickly. His fitness was brought into question as he battled to complete the “2 mate” shuttle run test introduced by Dan over the last overs. He finished 11 NO, and the Whale made an impressive 182.

The introduction of rain started the Whalers bowling session. Khalil, not phased in the slightest, opted to open the bowling from the far end and took an inspired wicket bowling Evans off his last ball. He bowled a further 4 overs of good bowling limiting the oppositions run rate. Howes bowled some good line and length straying a few leg side finishing on 4 overs 0 for 18 runs. G. Judd and Ben Blane were introduced into the bowling attack. Geoff increased his speed over a very short run up and induced a rash shot to take a wicket caught Terrell. His bowling figures of 7 over 1 for 24 were good.  Ben also bowled very well despite his year long absence and put a lot of pressure on the run rate of the opposition taking a good wicket and finishing on 7 overs 1 for 23.


The game looked sown up and the mystery of a lost ball over drinks wasn’t going to slow the steely determination of the Whalers faithful. However, the dangerous Darnall?? wasn’t sticking to the script. He played some fantastic shots off Jamal (formerly known as Kamal), Dan and Khalil, inducing dropped catches and putting further of pressure on the Whale. The opposition needing 20 off the last over with D. Osgood, after some words of inspired encouragement from the skipper, stemming the flow. Despite making an impressive 69 not out, they were still 15 runs short.


(Author N. Howes)


Man of the match – Dan Osgood for figures of 6 overs 2 for 31, and 35

Champagne – Stu’s run out

Muppet – Gilo for losing ball during the drinks break


Whalers Off and Running (ish) with Another Narrow Victory over Salix

Whalers CC Beat Salix CC by 26 Runs, 10th May 2015

A sunny day at Harlington Sports Ground, the car park crammed with the youngest generation of QPR hopefuls hoping to one day lead them to better days than another impending Premiership relegation, the smell of aviation fuel in the air, CK1 and Dan Osgood again to the fore with bat and ball: it can only be the latest instalment of the Whalers v Salix edge-of-the-seat box-set.

Having fought some torturously tight encounters with Salix in recent years, the Whalers knew that this was always going to be a close call again. Geoff won the toss for the Whale and we had the first use of what looked like a decent batting surface. Never afraid to ring the changes and sample his talent pool, Geoff promoted Luckett to open the batting with Pip. However, disaster (and comedy) struck in the second over, when Luckett hit the ball straight to square-leg, where he was narrowly dropped by the fielder, and took off for a run without an audible call. Pip, guilty of ball-watching, only realised Luckett was mid-pitch too late and sent him back, but all in vain. Committing Hara-Kiri in the second over is never a good thing and Kev strode out to try and calm us all down. Unfortunately, in the following over, Pip was bowled off his pad for 9 to leave the Whalers at 12-2 after only 16 balls of the innings.

The Whalers principle problem was not bedding down and building partnerships, with batsmen getting in and then getting out just as they were feeling more comfortable. Kev tried to sweep their opening bowler, Spurr, and was trapped plum in front, leaving umpire Khalil no choice but to raise the finger. Al had played a few nice shots and was looking like he might go on when he played too early on a springy delivery and popped an easy catch up to cover. At this point, Whalers were 44-4, which soon became 44-5 when JT was LBW to Padmore without scoring.

At this point, Matt and Dan came together and stabilised the Whalers’ listing ship with some sharp running between the wickets and some fine drives. They put on 33 for the 6th wicket before Matt lofted a catch to Dillon for a solid 23. Unfortunately, Khalil picked out the same fielder 3 balls later and 79-7 was not looking defendable again. Again, there was a mini-Whalers fight-back with Nick picking up where Matt left off and scampering some vital runs with the obdurate Dan, who was showing the sort of application the top order should have been taking vigorous note of. By the time Nick had pirouetted around a straight ball to Padmore, there were still 6 overs left to bat with the score on 104-8. Kamal soon departed LBW to the same bowler, bringing selfless captain Geoff to the crease to help Dan accelerate yet also bat out the 35 overs. In the event, these last 5 overs proved to be critical to the Whalers cause. Geoff, in his solo quest to win the “most sixes” competition (which no other Whaler appears to have any appetite for), promptly dispatched Stuart over the cow-corner fence in a trademark blow. With 16 runs coming off the final over, Whalers survived the full 35 overs to reach 145/9, with Geoff 17* and Dan with a crucial knock of 33*.

The deceptively uneven bounce of the pitch meant that 145 was perhaps not as bad as would otherwise have seemed. However, it was still not a strong score by any means and Whalers knew they would have to bowl and field well to defend it.

Thankfully, still smarting from his soft dismissal, Khalil obliged the skipper’s call to arms straight away by striking Spillane’s stumps first ball of the innings. The sight of CK1 walking to the crease brought some jokes about needing extra padding as an errant CK1 throw during the Whalers innings had caught Luckett on the shoulder. However , the more sensible among the team were more concerned about getting CK1 away from the strike and preferably back in the hutch. At the other end, Winston, who had not really looked comfortable against Nick in particular contrived to cause confusion with CK1 and was run out for 5 by the Luckett/Alberry combination. The younger Shaw also did not last long before shouldering arms to a Khalil jaffer that kissed the edge of his off stump, and it seemed as though Whalers had at least achieved parity in the early stages with Salix 3 down for under 20. The opening pair of Khalil and Nick had bowled excellently for the first ten, at which point Geoff turned to himself and Kamal . Kamal struggled to find line and length somewhat and a partnership soon developed between CK1 and Shaw senior, with CK1 starting to look dangerously like he could take the game away from the Whale. Behind the stumps, Kev had missed a couple of caught behind chances, one of which a regulation catch off Khalil. Geoff had also missed a sharp chance at slip, and frustration was creeping in. However, the Whalers never gave up and got their slice of luck when Shaw senior, having played himself in, went back to swipe a rank long-hop from Geoff and missed to be bowled for 15.

At 4-down, the game soon became a cat-and-mouse effort at trying to keep CK1 away from the strike as much as possible as he seemed to be the only player on either side to make batting on that pitch look comfortable. The other Salix batsmen got in and got out in similar fashion to the Whalers but without another really significant partnership developing and the regular tumble of wickets kept the Whalers just on the right side of controlling the game. Geoff induced Lumsden to pop up a super-slow-mo tumbling return catch. Dan had replaced Kamal at the other end to tighten things up and trapped the sometimes-dangerous Padmore LBW for 8 and subsequently bowled Spurr for a single. CK1 was still causing trouble at the other end with some fine shots and passed 50. Whalers knew that as long as he was at the crease, Salix always had a chance.

Golden-arm Luckett was introduced to the attack and was soon causing problems with his heavy ball for the tail-enders, although CK1 seemed to take more of a liking to his bowling and with Salix passing 100, it was starting to look close once more. In the event though, no one could stay with CK1. Collins spooned Luckett to Khalil who took a good catch, while another running mix-up resulted in Lamont being run out by Al and Kev; Kev having to take the ball above his head before removing the bails one-handed, going some way to erase the memory of the dropped catches.

Specialist death bowler JT was brought on to try and pile further pressure on the final pair and eventually, in the knowledge that he would have to carry Salix to the target quickly before he ran out of partners, CK1 took a swipe across the line and was bowled for a very impressive 65, to leave Salix 26 runs shy of the Whale.

This was another very close encounter, perhaps without the complete edge-of-the seat nailbiting of a couple of years ago, but proves that the Whalers v Salix fixture continues to be a highlight of the season.

Whalers retired to the White Hart for a drink with the opposition and to fine Luckett for his running and Nick for his Shoreditch attire.


Whalers 145/9 (Osgood 33*, Lucas 23)

Salix 119 a.o. (Khalil 2-12, Osgood 2-15, Judd 2-29)

Champagne: Geoff’s 6 to take the lead in the club 6s competition

Muppet: Luckett/Pip for run-out confusion

MoM: Dan – vital 33* with the bat and 2-15 with the ball

Salix report including Whalers pictures from the archives: HERE