Welcome to the new Whalers website

Welcome all – the website has had a spring clean.

Thanks to Clippy for his sterling work over the last 10 years – the decision was made to relaunch the website on a new platform to enable ease of updating, and improve the ability to integrate twitter feeds, photos, videos and everything else that encompasses the ‘modern age’.

The transition of all the old data that you know and love from the old website will take some time and be an ongoing process. Right now I am focussing on getting everything up and running with 2013 season information.

Any and all comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged – although obviously may be ignored.

One thought on “Welcome to the new Whalers website

  1. Punter

    Maaaaaaaaaarvellous work Richie! Liking the white, the cream, the off white, the bone and the ivory!!

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