Whalers vs Beamers, Tuesday (not Wednesday) 26 May 2015

 Whalers win by 8 wickets

The Whalers were all set for our annual trip to north London when the shocking email came through. No not the one saying that Channa was going to be in charge, but the one saying that the game was in fact Wednesday not Tuesday (or something). But all credit to Channa for spending the rest of his romantic weekend away rounding up the troops, and thanks to Carl, Dave and Andy for helping us out. Despite the short notice, we ended up with a typically well-balanced Whalers team with 9 bowlers and no wicketkeeper – and more players than we had originally.

 Captain Channa’s first act, slightly controversially, was to decide we would bowl first. As the pitch resembled a damp pudding with ankle-high bounce, this turned out not to be a bad call. Tight bowling from pretty much everyone put the Beamers under pressure, and wickets fell regularly with 2 for Jack, 2 in 2 balls for Jiff, and 3 for Dave + a sharp run-out. A bit of late slogging and the usual collection of Whalers dropped catches meant that the Beamers closed on 101-8 from their 20 overs.

 Which looked a long way away two balls later, as Rich’s good run of form came to an end. But then Dave and Andy got the scoreboard ticking over and basically won the game, keeping the crowd entertained by first persuading two giant dogs (well, ok, one giant dog and one midget) to break out of a nearby garden and chase the nearest fielder, and then by Dave hitting a huge six which pinged off the top of a lamppost at long-on. Job done, Dave promptly retired himself to give JT a go. JT then generously decided to give Channa a go, and by the time Andy also retired himself we needed about 10 from almost as many overs. 5 overs of scratching around from Dan and Channa later, the Whalers finally crawled over the finish line. Although the scorebook suggests this was a comfortable 8-wicket win, at the time it felt a bit closer especially given the pitch, and credit to the Beamers for keeping going to the end.

 Man of the match was Dave for his 3 wickets and 35 not out; champagne moment was Dave’s straight six off the lamppost (honourable mention for whoever let the dogs out), and muppet moment had plenty of contenders but in the end went to Channa on his captaincy debut for Dario getting the day wrong.

 Beamers: 101-8 from 20 overs (Dave Magarey 3-13, Jiff 2-12, Jack 2-13)

Whalers: 103-2 from 16 overs (Dave 35*, Mr Extras 31*, Andy Blackett 23*)