Whalers caught in the Beamers’ headlights

Whalers CC Vs Beamers CC T20 Evening game

22/05/2016 Beamers win by 25 runs


A Whalers team of old, new, and sporadic appearances eventually made their way to the depths of north London for the first of this season’s Twenty20 fixtures. Ignoring all the rules and electing to bowl first, Captain Nick was keen to get on with the match despite the last two Whalers yet to appear. Debutant Pete Cooper opened the bowling, finding some good lines but giving the openers the occasional opportunity to score. From the other end, Nick produced some impressive movement which drew the batsmen into several uncertain shots. Unfortunately the edges weren’t always held, with latest-of-them-all Matt unable to cling onto a chance or two. Some continued pressure brought an early couple of wickets, including a catch behind (much to the surprise of all involved) and a clean bowled giving the first demonstration of the flashing bails after their opener tried some ambitious inventive shots.


The next few overs oscillated between some good tight bowling, with some less good, fairly loose deliveries. Matt got rid of their number 3 thanks to some good field placing of the immobile Adam, but unfortunately their number 5’s unorthodox technique allowed him to score freely off Kamal, including dispatching two balls into the gardens of the overlooking houses. The batsmen continued to score freely in part thanks to a fast outfield and some slightly sloppy fielding, but Andy managed to restore some control on his return to the team after a 15 year absence. A quick wicket-keeping and bowling change for the final overs brought a few further wickets, including Jack bowling one batsman off his pads from a fairly average delivery. With the light fading the Beamers finished on a very competitive 170, mainly thanks to some big hitting from their number 5 who finished with 59.


So with a need to score at about 8.5 an over, Pete C and Dario strode out into the middle. A cautious start made the tough ask even more so, and Dario fell early on to bring in Seth (sporting an interesting hat-and-sunglasses combination) and a chance to up the run rate. Pete fell for 17 after looking like he was settling in, but Sam started well with a couple of crisp boundaries. Seth’s quickfire 9 brought in Peter Richards (though Nick insisted on calling him Peter Handsworth so something that definitely wasn’t Richards). After a slow-ish start, Peter began to get his eye in and unsettled the Beamers’ bowlers, including one very crisply struck straight 6 back over the bowler’s to get into the 20s. A couple more wickets gave Matt a chance to give the other Whalers a fitness lesson with some good striking and relentless running. A lack of boundaries had taken the required rate upto around 11 an over and, with 3 overs to go, a couple of run-outs all but ended the Whalers’ chase. Matt’s gallant 34 was not enough to salvage a win and the Whalers ended around 25 runs short of the target.


Man of the match went to Jack some tight bowling at the end and for stepping up to keep wicket (although there were a couple of dropped catches, apparently off Nick’s bowling), with an honourable mention to Pete C for some good hitting and solid bowling. Peter Richards picked up the Champagne moment for his straight six back over the bowler’s head, and Matt Lucas’ backseat umpiring, dropped catch, relentless chuntering and a number of other reasons earned him the Muppet Moment and fine of the day (but well batted).