Nightmare on the Green

Cricketers CC vs Whalers CC; Sunday 4th September 2016; Richmond Green

A dark and gloomy Richmond Green played host in the away leg against old rivals The Cricketers. Captain Nick lost the toss (he is prone to do) and the oppo decided to bat.

Right from the outset the Cricketers attacked the ball. The runs flowed as they romped to 40 odd without loss. Skipper Nick and Khalil bowled through but were unable to make a breakthrough with the ball going far too often to the boundary. We were playing a 35 over game on a pitch that looked like it had been until recently a home for moles. As such the wicket was a temperamental devil. The ball rising of the gentlest delivery to graze the batsman’s helmet and in the next sitting up to be smacked around.

The Whalers let the nerves show with a variety of dropped catches and It wasn’t until Roland, standing at first slip, managed to palm a blinder of Nick that the Whalers bagged their first wicket. The replacement batsman didn’t fair well with Khalil bowling with rising fury and eventually rewarded with a thin nick which wicket keeper Stu took comfortably.

The Whalers then turned on the pressure with a much tighter performance in the field. Andrew Sheridan bowled a fantastic over taking the voracious openers middle stump with a beauty that cut in from outside off stump to hit middle.

At the other end Aussie standard bearer Geoff Judd made the most of the variable pitch

keeping the batsmen guessing.

Then followed a flurry of wickets. Andy taking a further two wickets to match Geoffs two. There was a magnificent left handed diving catch by Roland standing at short mid off which eventually was made Champagne moment.

The Cricketers had collapsed to 81 for 7 but their number 8 and 9 made a flurry of runs and it wasn’t until Seth came on that the wickets started falling again. Seth ended up with 2 wickets and Andrew Sheridan took one more to finish his spell with 4 for 31 of 7 overs.

It was an excellent performance overall with some tight fielding and the Whalers felt good, going into the change, having bowled out the oppo in 31 overs for 133 runs. Wickets all around with Andrew getting 4, Geoff and Seth getting 2 each and Nick and Khalil with 1 each.

Now all we had to do was bat sensibly and make 134 runs. Simple right? Wrong.

It would be easy to blame the wicket. Well it certainly played a huge part, sometimes staying low, sometimes sitting up and sometimes flying into decapitation mode. Seth was the first to fall, having been rattled by a blow to the chin he nicked one to start the collapse. Stu in next got some quick runs and the whalers were 18 for 1 when the ball rose up on Channa who was honestly trying to drive the ball. Result, a simple caught and bowled. Stu didn’t stay much longer after that and neither did replacement Andrew B. That left Luke and Andrew Sheridan at the crease. They stayed around for a bit, but the Cricketers sensing a lot of blood in the water quickly wrapped it up with Luke first to go, after being frustrated by some borderline no ball full tosses. Andrew S fell next caught behind after some very sharp bowling. He was followed by Khalil and Roland who did not trouble the scorers leaving poor old Nick and Geoff to pick up the pieces. It wasn’t meant to be as the Whalers playing with just ten men collapsed in a bloody puddle for 49 runs in 18 overs.

Still it was a winning season wasn’t it!!!

Man of the match – Andrew for 4 for 31 of 7.
Champagne moment – Roland’s amazing stretching diving left handed eyes closed catch at short mid wicket.
Muppet – Stu for running 30 yards screaming like a banshee so close to the ground that he resembled a greyhound after a rabbit, to catch a sky ball that was under Channa. Channa sensibly got out of the way least he be killed. Stu dropped the catch.