Quokka defeats Whale

Whalers vs Quokkas – 13th May 2018; King’s House Sports Ground

Having thawed out from the first game and ‘fresh’ from the tour, the Whalers gathered ready for their second home game of the season. After a bit of a delay, new captain Will was keen to bowl first on a pitch that looked like it was only going to get drier and flatter as the day wore on. Thanks to the oppo captain winning the toss and choosing to bat, the game seemed to be setting off on the right foot.

Nick opened the bowling with some tidy lines and encouraging pace, joined by Jack from the other end with some untidy lines to test new keeper Jiff. After edging behind off a no-ball, opener ‘Fruity’ waved at a wide one which flew to Pip in the gully. A spectacular catch was followed by an energetic celebration, and the Whalers were off to a good start. The Quokkas were clearly here to have a go at the bowling, and began to up the run rate before their second opener fell in similar fashion to the first, thanks to an excellent catch from Will. Evidently frustrated by these two early wickets, the Quokkas began to find the boundaries as Khalil and Russel came on. A quick-fire 35 for Satin was ended by some good pressure bowling from Khalil, but unfortunately this didn’t stem the flow of runs. The Quokkas fourth wicket partnership began to build, much to the frustration of the Whalers as they watched the ball just evade the fielders (either through good placement/luck or the occasional drop).

With the score on 97-3 at drinks, either side could have seized control. Fate evaded the Whale, as another couple of dropped catches aided the Quokkas continued quick scoring, despite the attempted slow-bowling-K-pairing (Kamal and Kieran). The sun (and lots of chasing in the field) was starting to take its toll on the Whalers, and the Quokkas quickly passed 200. Once ‘Baggy’ and ‘CMES’ had passed 100 and 50 respectively, it seemed it was going to take a heroic batting effort from the Whalers. CMES was bowled in the 34th over, but the damage was done and the Quokkas finished on 251-4.

Tea was fairly sedate, and Al and Pip padded up, buoyed on by the prospect of being able to score some runs thanks to an opening position vacated by Dean (hopefully temporarily). Tight bowling from Dack and his opening partner kept the pressure on, and Pip’s departure in the third over felt ominous, rightly so as Will followed him back to the sidelines the next over, leaving the Whalers on 1-2 off two overs. Jiff, promoted to number 4 and excited by the opportunity to showcase his batting prowess, managed to find the rope before being bowled and returning after his predicted 4 or 5 balls. Khalil and Al steadied the ship and began to hit out, with some (almost) energetic running between the wickets.

At drinks things were looking less bad, with the Whalers on 69-3, and the Quokkas’ front-line bowlers had used all their overs. Al and Khalil kept the score ticking along until the 22nd over when Al was caught for 38. Kieran’s Whalers batting debut brought 5 singles before being ended by some accurate bowling from ‘Fruity’. Nick and Khalil continued to push the runs, more in an effort to save face rather than save the game, before Nick slapped a return catch back to ‘Baggy’ for 22. Russel supported Khalil, who looked to tried to hit out but only managed to hit up and was caught for an excellent 54. With a few overs remaining, Russel and Jack gave it a go, but tired running and ballerina-esque batting from Jack meant the end was nigh. The Whalers finished on 157-7 and promptly found the bar to rehydrate and relive the multiple muppet candidates.

Champagne moment went to Pip for his catch (and celebration), Jiff took muppet moment for endless commenting on the ‘variable’ bounce, and Khalil’s took man of the match for his batting (but definitely not for his bowling).

Quokkas CC 251-4 (35)

Whalers CC 157-7 (35)

Quokkas win by 94 runs