The One with Gouldy Gold and Deano Dynamite

Whalers CC vs Clapham Inn CC; King’s House Sports Ground; Sunday 2nd June 2019

The last time we met CICC was at the end of season social, a night that ended in a haze of rum and cokes. Today’s meeting was at a very different venue, with cloudy skies and goose shit across the outfield of an otherwise pristine Kings House. 

It was to be a reduced overs game, though I’m still not sure why. 30 overs each of the best that English cricket has to offer. 

Skipper, Will, won the toss and elected to bat. Openers Dean and Al got stuck in and the score started to tick over, though slowly. The partnership was short lived however with Al being caught for 17 in the 7th over. 27 for 1. 

Channa, on season debut, didn’t really trouble the scorer, when he was bowled for 9 in the 10th over. The Whale was 44 for 2, Roland in next. Despite some initial spluttering Roland soon settled in to playing a supporting role to Dean. The bowling had turned into  =some slow medium pies and Dean, who had not quite managed to find the middle of the bat initially, soon made up for with with a flurry of boundaries and a couple of back to back sixers.

The run rate escalated rapidly with the Whale reaching 100 in the 16th over.   Dean continued to tonk it around, soon reaching a well deserved century. He went on to make 112, before deciding that the gentlemanly thing to do would be to retire and give someone else a go. He was later fined for protecting his average. At the end of the 23rd over the Whale was sitting pretty at 161 for 2. A remarkable 100+ run partnership. 

Roland continued carrying out an admirable job at the other end, and joined by Sipper Will, kept the board ticking. It wasn’t much longer though until Roland was bowled for 33. 190 for 3, 26th over.

Seth was up next. Having flown all the way from Australia to play for the Whalers, he started his innings with a trademark nurdle. Skipper Will was never allowed the freedom to loosen up, and despite some lovely shots, didn’t really have time to get settled in. He was caught of the very last ball, trying to hoik. Very admirable Captaincy. He made 20, and alongside Seth took the Whale to an impressive 209/3 of 30. Next up, tea! 

Kings house Teas are certainly a lot different to the ham sandwiches of old. Cori chicken wraps, ploughmans thick, the occasional lemon slice. It was all happening. 

CICC came to the crease, and from the outset were aggressive. They had to be. Batsman 1 took a shine to Viren who was dispatched around the ground. Aseem, from the other end was bowling his medium pace off-cutters and finally forced batsman 1 to hit the ball straight to Gouldy at long off. The look of pure horror on Gouldy’s face as he saw the ball head towards him, and the utter relief on his face when he caught it, is an image that will stick with me for a long while. This is why we play cricket. He deservingly won Champagne moment for holding his nerve.

Aseem kept the batsmen busy and it wasn’t long until batsman 3 stepped forward for a hoick, only to hear the death rattle behind him. The score at this point was around 40 for 2 of around 5 overs. Keeping in mind that this was a 30 over game, and that batsman 2 was still in the crease and looking increasingly dangerous it was no wonder that the score board began to tick over. There was a bowling change with Kamal and Seth stepping up. It must be said that the Whale was sharp in the field, and limiting the singles soon forced batsman 4 to take a hasty run. Gould was up for it, throwing it to the keeper who ran out Batsman 4 for a well made 22. Gould was in the action soon after when he stepped up to bowl, forcing Batsman 5 to spoon one up to Skipper Will. 

The Overs were ticking over and with CICC at around 120 for 4, the in-form batsman 2, smacked the ball around. There were a few drops, notably from Dean, who managed to get his hands to one, only to juggle it a few times, before dropping it. Later at fines he was fined for 3 drops, which is absolutely what we saw on the field. With Roland now safely behind the stumps Dean stepped up to bowl, finally getting Batsman 2 to take a step too far forward, forcing a good stumping by the Hogg. Well done Gregory, (Batsman 2), on your 83.  

With the overs running out there was one final bit of excitement as batsman 6 was caught and bowled for 8. The remaining batsman got CICC to a very respectable 187 of 30, but they were outdone by the Whalers batting (and by that I mean Dean’s). Notable bowling by Aseem who bowled 6 overs, 2 maidens, 2 for 18. 

The win went to the Whale and we all celebrated with beers. 

Whalers 209 / 3 (30)

Clapham Inn 187 ao (30)

Champagne moment – Jimmy gould’s catch, preceded by a look of horror and then the look of utter relief.

Muppet – Deans drop, which went like this. Catch, juggle, catch, juggle, drop. 

Man of the match went to Dean for his terrific century, with honourable mentions to Roland for runs, a stumping and being involved in an fantastic Run out (thanks for Gouldys efforts)