Cricketers Take First Of Double-header

Whalers CC vs Cricketers CC; Sunday 12th June 2022; King’s House Sports Ground

This week’s fixture against Cricketer’s took place at Kings House with the weather looking fine and fields lush, it was set to be a great day of cricket. (Was) being a particular focal point as you’ll soon realise later in the report. 4 Whalers managed to arrive at Kings House on time, waiting for the rest of the team and any direction from an imminent arrival of Russell, captain for the day. As we approached our 1pm starting point, it looked like all Cricketer’s had arrived, however there were drips and drabs of Whalers turning up, but no Russell. We soon received a message on the Whalers whatsapp group to say he had missed his train and that we needed to get changed and ready to start play. We were eventually joined in the change room by Russell and the rest of the Whalers team and it seemed we were at a full team to get started.

It took some time thereafter to get boundary flags put out, stumps hammered in and a toss to take place, but we were soon on our way with Russell losing the toss and opposition electing to bat first. Ross and Bilal kept things tight at the top of the order, but it took a few overs from both sides to finally get a breakthrough, Ross bowling a slightly back of a length delivery which caught the edge and well pouched behind by Geoff.

Cricketers were getting into a solid flow and runs were starting to come from both sides, until Whalers decided on a bowling change and Amit K struck a good line to find another edge and Olly was back in the hut for 17. Elwell then joined Badders at the crease who was going well and swinging across the line on anything short. He middled a few fours until eventually Bilal struck on the front pad LBW for 34.

Cricketers continued some heavy scoring with the next two batsmen who pounced n anything short or wide and put stand together of about 70 until Amit Kumar found an edge and caught well behind by Geoff. Young Louis then came to the crease and smashed about 36 off 12 only to miss a straight one from Ross who was brought back into the attack. A few extras were added by the next batsmen and Cricketers finished their innings of 198 which we thought was good, but achievable on a good batting wicket. Change of innings and everyone retreated to the clubhouse for a great lunch!

The Whalers batting innings started in very similar fashion to the bowling one, two or three batsmen padding up with the rest of the contingent either filling up on extra sandwiches, some playing football and some getting lost in the car park (it seems). We eventually had two openers ready to go in Ricky and Amit K and we were looking forward to getting a strong start upfront.

It was immediately noticeable that there was absolutely no pace from the opening attack from the Cricketers and they had clearly opted for a more accurate approach. This led to Amit miss-hitting a slow delivery by Sunil and getting caught for 10. Our number 3, John, then made his way to the crease and looked in good nick coming off an unbeaten 29 two weeks prior. Ricky and John kept a few good deliveries out until Ricky missed a Jaffer off the wicket by Jeff and was out bowled for 6. This brought in Ross and survived an early scare, being dropped by the keeper from a seeming delivery from Jeff. His luck didn’t continue though as he was given out LBW for 0 when the opposition had appealed for an edge onto the pads. It seemed that the collapse had started, however Viren had now joined John at the crease and both looked to get themselves in. Scoring wasn’t quick, but the bowling was accurate and patience was needed. Some slightly dodgy running followed by a few well times fours by both batsmen  until Viren was caught for 19. Geoff soon followed after timing a good boundary but was out for 5.This time it was Bilal who strode to the wicket and looked in good form, flicking anything near his pads and respecting some of the good length deliveries. The partnership between Bilal and John started to grow until John was bowled by a brilliant delivery by Taker. Amit Kumar then came to the crease and looked solid with some good forward defence. Amit’s eyes soon lit up with a half tracker by Carlisle and mis-timed pull went straight to the man at mid-wicket. Russell continued his day to forget by missing a straight one from Louis and was clean bowled for 1. Special came to the wicket, with the main aim of staying in and blocking anything on a length. A few good forward defences, and suddenly decided to pelt a drive passed the bowler for 4! Bilal and Kamal tried to hang on to a very inevitable ending but unfortunately Bilal soon nicked one off to the keeper and that was the game over. Thank god Geoff left a little earlier to pick up some jugs before the clubhouse shut!

Cricketer’s 198 for 5 beat The Whalers 115 all out by 83 runs


Champagne moment: Three catches behind the stumps for Geoff

Muppet: Amit Kumar giving Ross out LBW when opposition were appealing for caught behind.

Hon. Mention: Russell, overall terrible day out as captain.

MOM: Bilal for scoring 23 and bowling tightly with figs. of 1/27