Twickenham 5ths edge out the Whalers

Sunday June 30th 2013; Kings House Sports Ground

Twickenham 5ths beat Whalers by 6 wickets

The weather was hot and spirits were high as 10 man Whalers arrived at the Kings Ground to entertain a Twickenham 5th opposition. On the warm up walk to the middle pitch, Pete was heard to say that time was running out for him to get his 100 this season, hopes were high.

Whalers won the toss and took to the crease first with Al and Pip opening the batting. The medium swing bowling of Singh, aka ‘the child’ started to rip through the Whalers top order, with Pip succumbing to an edge from the Child and then Pete being caught at mid off. Al also edged to the Child and by the time yours truly received his 3rd ball duck with another edge, the top 4 had amassed 26 runs, with 21 going to big Al.

With the heat shimmering across the surface and wickets falling faster than the 747’s lining up above us for Heathrow, Dan stepped into the fray with his trademark bowler hat and ‘get through this if you can’ stance and the temperature cooled. When he was joined by Rob, the run rate picked up and ‘the Child’ did look more like a child. Rob scored a calculated and controlled 31, but was sadly picked off by ‘the Child’ who was obviously jealous of Robs manly beard. Dan was joined by Khalil who was in fantastic form and playing some textbook cover drives and the boundaries picked up. After some great shots and good hat time at the crease, Dan was given out LBW on 38 by ‘not very popular with Dan now’ Rob, see fine book for appropriate punishment. Nick took the game on with some strong shots and Khalil continued onto 24 before yes, you guessed it, ‘the Child’ struck again, Khalil caught out. Mr Experience, Kamal, began a demonstration of the straight bat and how long have you got ‘Mr Bowler’, and many of his shots were what we needed earlier in our top order, and once Nick had been caught out for 6, Matt Lucas arrived and played some great shots, only to be caught on 12. We totalled 159 runs, with the middle order standing out. A thought for reflection was 7 of us being caught out.

After a good tea and talk from Matt L, we took to the field. Nick and Khalil opened with controlled aggression and good use of the new ball. Nick was particularly boosted by the sound of ‘Advance Australia Fair’ coming from a nearby party. Khalil struck first with a good edge, removing the oppos most dangerous batsman and Nick had a clear LBW turned down. Their number 3 started to connect and Matt L came into the attack, pinging the oppos feet and drawing him into an LBW, this was somehow turned down by the Umpire. It proved to be a turning point in the match, as he went on to amass a significant score. Matt’s LB shout was also confirmed out by the non strike batsman who apologised for it not being given.

As the field lulled slightly, 2 pieces of fielding brilliance from Nick and Rob threatened to change the game. Both were run out throws from the same fine point area of the field, the wickets exploding out of the ground with instinctive Whalers accuracy. This injected some energy into the field as Kamal and Rob mixed up the bowling. In the end though, 159 was not enough and Twickenham completed the job with 6 wickets to spare.

Strange decisions continued from the oppo, who also bizarrely refused to pay the full tea amount, which will be followed up with the Board and no doubt the Karma police.

So, in the heat, the Whalers showed resilience in the face of controversial decisions, and there were some positives to take away. Summer is here and the cricket is good!


Man of the match: Dan on 38 and badgering as wicket keeper.

Muppet moment: Rob giving Dan LBW.

Champagne moment: Bubbles shared between Nick and Rob for 2 outstanding throws.