Kamal’s Top 5 destruction outwits Beamers

Beamers CC vs Whalers CC (T20); Wednesday 10 July; North Middlesex Cricket Ground

Whalers beat Beamers by 30 runs

The Ashes had started, the sun shone down on North London, the scene was set for a glorious evening of cricket.

With the teams both nearly fully assembled the toss was promptly lost to the Beamers youthful skipper and the Whalers were sent into bat. The batting line up slightly altered due to late comers Al and Kev strode out to the middle. It wasn’t long before Kev was striding back after playing an interesting ‘shot’ clearly in several minds over what to do with a slow looping long hop. The opening bowlers were giving plenty of opportunities to hit out, but Pete failed to take advantage and soon joined Kev on the grumpy batsmen bench having failed to score. With 7 bowling ‘all rounders’ in the team our batting hopes rested with Channa and Al plus the usual wag of the tail. Thankfully they responded to the pressure and the run rate started to tick up, with Channa scoring freely playing with a straight bat, although exclusively off the back foot regardless of the ball bowled. Plenty of quick twos were turned down in favour of a slow one, but Channa was clearly saving his energy for fours and sixes on a warm evening. Al played a lovely cut shot, with the appreciative applause ringing out from his team mates on the boundary he marched off the pitch. Hit wicket – oh dear! However the score had moved onto a slightly more respectable 60-3 off 8 overs.  Ed failed with the bat bowled first ball. Rob L and Channa continued to score until Channa fell to a good catch.  Rob then proceeded to try and run out the rest of the team. First victim was Matt Lucus who was only able to make it around half way down the wicket before his bails were removed. He then tried to run Dan out, but then managed to get himself out before getting anyone else out. Ben also failed to score, but Dan and Nick kept cool heads and scored well, before Dan fell. The score at this point is unknown due to some lapses in the scoring system.  This bought Kamal to the crease ensuring that we used all 11 batsmen. We finished on 144-9 at the end of our 20 overs.

Beamers had fielded well, held onto their chances and bowled straight. We needed to do the same.

Matt and Nick opened the blowing against two strong batsmen who were not afraid to swing at the ball. With no breakthrough Kamal came onto bowl and immediately made an impact removing their quick scoring. Ben was brought on to replace Nick who had bowled a tight but wicket-less 4 overs. Kamal decided that he wasn’t going to taken off before the end of his four overs and proceeded to remove the entire top 5, 3 of them bowled, one caught and one stumped, finishing his four overs with figures of 5-20.  Dan replaced Kamal looking to build on the momentum, but instead decided to bowl a 4 over spell worth of balls in one over clearly thinking that the game need a bit more suspense and giving them some extras would be the gentlemanly thing to do. Dan was brought off after a 1 over (but many ball) spell and replaced by Ed who bowled slightly less wides but managed to bag the wicket of the opposing captain with the worst legitimate ball of the over. Rob bowled an excellent first over removing 2 batsmen in 2 balls, the field was set for the hat-trick ball but sadly it didn’t come, however he did take another wicket later in the over. Three wickets in an over meant the game was nearly won.  Rob continued, but was spanked in this 2nd over making the result more uncertain. However Ben took the final wicket with the Beamers on 117 25 of which were extras.

An excellent result with the Whalers defending an under par score. With 3 jugs on offer (Kamal 2 for his 5-for and Rob for his 3-for) the Whalers headed to the bar to debate more Muppet moments that I can remember in a winning game

MoM:  Kamal – 5 wickets – removal off all top 5 batsmen

Champagne: Kamal removing opening batsmen.

Muppet:  Al hit wicket, honourable mentions to Kev’s ‘shot’ to get out, Rob L’s Jimmy Saville tendencies