About the Whalers

Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to Whalers C.C.

Whalers Cricket Club play friendly matches once a weekend throughout the summer months. We prefer to play 40 over matches, and our home ground is at King’s House School Sports Ground, formerly the Civil Service Sports Club Ground in Chiswick, although we play away fixtures all over London.

The Whalers originated at York University where the club played in a 20 over evening league for 3 years commencing back in the sultry summer evenings of 1995. After a few years break the club was reformed in London in 2001 with a core of original York players supplemented by increasing numbers of friends, and colleagues, who are keen to play cricket. We play a social game, ensuring that everyone in the team participates fully, and we enjoy a few beers after every game. The club has an annual tour, normally in Europe, most recently in Zagreb, Porto, Cannes and Corfu. We have been on two major international tours to Sri Lanka and Kenya. Next year we will be touring to Malta in April.

If you would like to play for Whalers, or would be interested in a fixture against us, please drop us a line using the contacts page on the website.

We are often asked about the origin of our name. We were going to be called the Wailers, as in Bob Marley. the ‘Whaler’ who went to sign up the team in its infancy was a little lacking in spelling skills, so we became Whalers, and have remained so ever since. Sad, but very true…