Whalers CC v FCO CC – 9th August 2008

Whalers CC won by 8 wickets

The weather had been atrocious most of the week, and worse had been forecast for Saturday afternoon. However, as the Whalers arrived at the CSSCG the rain was holding off. With 11 players there and a bevy of other cricketers gathered in the bar, the drizzle started. Various conversations ensued, but one thing definitely stopped us making any decisions; there was no sign of the opposition! Other matches had been called off, but by the time the full FCO team (only 9 unfortunately) had arrived, the Whalers were warming up in tracksuits, cagoules (and I think there may have even been an Umbrella) – Dan chose the wrong moment to practise his Wicketkeeping and gained a good lesson is receiving errant returns.

The Whalers were definitely keener to get a game going, and after what seemed like an eternity (and with cunning use of kidology), Dan persuaded them that a game was on the cards, so we went for a 20/20.

The drizzle was coming down as we started, but the Whalers’ bowlers adapted, coming off 3 or 4 steps and asserting some good control early on. Wickets fell regularly, though there was stubborn resistance from the FCO no.2 who was run out for in comedic circumstances for 45; Kamal had bowled one of his deliveries that had deceived both the batsmen and Toby, who grounded the ball, the non-striker called the batsmen through, but the ball had only fallen just behind Toby, who gratefully picked it up and whipped off the bails. The rest of their batting could not help out, with the next highest score being 7 (and extras tying on 7). The conditions certainly contributed to some comedy moments, including a few slips, a few of the wickets, as well as some muppet-esque fielding from Channa. There were great bowling performances from the boys, with the standout being Kamal (2-8 from 4, as well as the contribution to the above run-out), but ably supported by Khalil (1-6 from 3) and Dan (1-9 from 3).

With the FCO only managing 75/6 from their 20 overs, we set off like we were keen to get indoors for a nice cup of tea. Dan took the opportunity to promote some of the Whalers’ less exalted batsmen. Clippy kept the crowd entertained with some of his running (8) as well as throwing the bat through deep midwicket, and man of the match Kamal also gave a cameo performance(4). However, FCO did not adapt their bowling to the conditions (it was still drizzling) and there were slips, slides and mis-fields galore (one of their openers bowled in what looked suspiciously like Si Whistler’s squash trainers). Stu took full advantage and scored 46* at the other end (maybe with better communication from the boundary, he might even have reached his 50?). The Whalers won by 8 wickets in 10.3 overs and retreated from the weather to wash the mud off their kit – the civil service teas never tasted so good!!

Match stats:

FCO CC 75-7 – Kamal 2-8, Khalil 1-6

Whalers CC 76-2 –Stu 46*


Man of the match:                 Kamal for a cracking bowling performance which kept the score down and accounted for 3 wickets.

Honourable mention for Stu for practically getting the runs required by himself…

Champagne moment:           Getting the match started

Muppet moment:                   Clippy for hitting the ball for two runs to wide-mid on, whilst simultaneously hoying his bat to midwicket.



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