Captain’s XI v President’s XI – 2nd August 2009

Captain’s XI won by 4runs

On a partially sunny Sunday the full might of the Whalers descended on the beloved CSSC for the inaugural Captains XI vs Presidents XI.


Despite the (thus-far) appalling summer weather, 22 players, from season debutants to old timers, worked their way across London dragging with them wives, girlfriends, children, fathers and buggies. The Gods were astounded and ensured that the heavens stayed silent.


With the promise of a BBQ and beers this would be a 35 over game of fun, hilarity and serious competitive behaviour.


With Captain Dan Osgood and President-for-life Al Dickenson ready to commence battle 22 players were randomly chosen from a flower pot. The teams looked quite evenly balanced on paper, with the Captain arguably having the stronger bowling line up.




Adam Hamner Adam Strang
Pip English Geoff Judd
Channa Karu Phil Brown
Dario forte Al Dickenson
Pete Jarvis Andy Nelson
Ben Menzi James Milanovic
Dan Osgood Toby Emerson
Rob Eberstien Paul Mildon
Matt Lucas Andy Clipsham
Khalil Ahmed Ben Blane
Kamal K Will VDP



After wining the toss, El’Presidente opted to bat and sent in two South Africans. Geoff Judd recently evicted from his country of birth and fellow Saffer Adam Strang got of to a flying start. Despite some decent bowling the pair were sitting pretty at 52 of 10 overs when a decent ball sent Judd back to the waiting crowds. By this point the various invitees had turned up and beer began to flow. The next two batsmen helped the now swinging Mr Strang to retain most of the strike and after a fast paced 83 he was finally caught out.


The weather was looking glorious and with the sun shining on their backs the Captain’s team was sent two jugs of beer during the drinks break. With full bellies the Captain’s men retook the field and bowled with utter abandonment. Khalil got a couple with Dan, Matt, Channa, and Rob pitching in with a wicket each. With many a joke and insult thrown at the batsmen, the party in the middle took a life of its own. There followed more decent bowling and fielding but unfortunately the late effort was not enough as the President’s men reached 198 for 7 of the 35. (Adam Strang 83, Geoff Judd 28, Phil Brown 12, Al Dickenson 20, Andy Nelson 16).


When the Whalers went in for the break the party was in full swing. Various girlfriends and wives mingled ominously, a huge troupe of children were running around (Turns out they all belonged to one Whaler), and the cider had just been cracked open. The Whalers turned hosts and chatted amiably with their guests while munching on CSSC’s finest sandwiches.


With sandwiches and tea done, the Captains men decided that they wanted a bat and Adam Hamner and Pip English (watched by his Dad) strode to the middle. A decent start was achieved and despite the various jokes poked at the batsmen they nudged and pulled their way forward. A good start did not distract from the fact that a pretty decent total had been amassed and in an attempt to increase the run rate the Captain’s team managed 42 for 3 before Dario (42) and Pete Jarvis (16) took the reins and steered the side steadily towards the target. Unfortunately the Captain’s team were being hounded by a jubilant President’s team and wickets fell at alarming intervals. Some very good bowling from Clippy, Mildon and Strang tightened the thumb screws and slowly almost painfully the Captains team struggled to within touching distance of victory. A late flurry from Rob (29) loosened the Captain’s constricted trachea and the President who up to now had been glorying in the bragging rights was looking worried. In the thirty fifth over with two balls to spare the Captain’s boys needed six runs to win. Unfortunately for them it was not to be, as the game came to an end with the Captain’s XI just 4 runs short of victory. (Adam Hamner 14, Pip English 24, Dario Forte 42, Pete Jarvis 16, Dan Osgood 15, Rob Eberstein 29).


It truly was a fun day in the park for Whalers and Co and with the sun shining down on dark and fair (and the occasional bald patch) the party continued on. Beers and burgers, wine and wine gums, cider and celery, and all of a sudden it started to get very raucous.


Rather than give an award to the winning side the committee decided to reward the best bowler and batsman of the day. The bowling award went to young Mr Clipsham for his patient probing and restrictive bowling. The batting award unsurprisingly went to Mr Strang for his half decent knock. On a sadder note Mr Strang decided that England was just too good for him and that the call of the wild was drawing him back to his native shore.


The night ended with more and more beer being consumed. Some of the Whalers were dragged off by their better halves and some were left behind by their better halves… the end all that anyone could say was, that it was good to be a Whaler!



Captain’s:                             194 for 6 (35 overs)

President’s:                         198 for 7 (35 overs)


Batsman of the match:                      Adam Strang

Bowler of the match:                         Andrew Clipsham



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