Whalers CC vs Morden Corinthians – 13th May 2007

Match abandoned – rain

At 10:30am, optimism was rife. Despite steadily falling rain, hopes were high, and after several phonecalls to captains and opposition, it was deemed that we should try to play – after all, the showers of the previous day had eventually given way to a beautiful weather, and many games had been fulfilled.

But when Clippy arrived at Rectory Park (Beirut) at noon, it was clear that no play would be possible. The pitches were sodden, and a quick ‘bounce’ of a cricket ball on the strip went straight through the surface… The oppo had been somewhat sensible, deciding that instead of all turning up to darkest Northolt from Morden, they’d send a lone scout to check on the state of things, and it was soon decided between both parties that the pitch was unplayable.

While the Morden scout told his team-mates to enjoy their Sunday roasts, we had to inform a rather dismal Khalil that his 2-hour journey from Walthamstow had been in vain. But the day wasn’t lost – Kamal and his wife had provided an excellent tea, and Ollie’s house was nearby, so we re-located to Ealing for a nice cuppa.

By half one, everyone except Ollie had found their way to Ollie’s house, where his good wife Julia had already got tea in the pot. Ollie arrived somewhat later, having got lost on the way home. Kamal’s tea – especially the home-made samosas – was enjoyed by all, and we then de-camped to the local for a couple of pints and a good catch up with Ad, who had travelled down from Oxford for the day having just returned from 6 months in Central America.

After Dan had finished trying to explain to us why he still hadn’t saved the world from pending environmental doom, we left the pub to find that the rain had all but stopped – but the Whalers had already lost a day of cricket for the first time since 2005.

Match stats:

Abandoned without a ball being bowled.

Man of the match:                 Kamal for providing such excellent samosas

Champagne moment:           Julia for having tea in the pot when we all arrived at Ollie’s house

Muppet moment:                   Ollie, for getting lost on the way to his own house…

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