Captains Vs Presidents Match and Fun Day 2010

 Ealing Central Sports Ground 7th August 2010


 Despite a worrying forecast the Whalers gathered in  Ealing on a sunny Saturday morning for the second annual captains Vs. Presidents match and all round fun day. The day started slowly as there was no sign of the groundsman at our appointed meeting time of 12.00. We had a frustrating hours wait while he turned up and gave us the pitch on its own behind the changing rooms. This gave plenty of time to sort through the feast that had been assembled and put up the newly acquired first “Whalers Pavilion” in the form of a couple of gazebos. All this was too much for the guys who usually play on the main pitch there who were getting increasingly agitated as more and more parifinalia arrived at the side of “their” pitch, things came to a head when Al and Dan went out to put stumps in the ground to be met by a delegation half way to the strip!


The New Whalers Pavillion



By the time we had changed and moved over to our pitch the sun had gone in and we had chosen teams out of the hat. It would be hard to have a very uneven contest in a club where everyone does a bit of everything and the teams seemed to be well matched. If anything the Captains XI had more bowling and the President more batting. The pitch was patchy with short grass but dry considering the wet and cool patch of summer we had been enjoying.

The captain won the toss and elected to field, a decision based on the conditions and the amount of beer the batting side would have time to drink during their innings! The captains side started well with an accurate spell of bowling from Ben Blane at one end and Matt Lucas at the other, Matt removing the dangerous Pip English for one with his 4th ball. However dangerman Stu Terrell weathered the storm in partnership with former captain the abrasive Oliver Bayne. Bayne was frustrated by the field placing which cut off his favoured straight drives. He batted well until he was bowled by Dave Humphreys who had come on for Matt Lucas. He had particularly struggled against the indifferent bounce that Dan Osgood who was bowling at a decent pace managed to extract coming in from the Pavilion end.


Play commences under heavy skies




The President came in at 4 and he and Terrell continued to score freely from some balls while playing and missing at others, plenty went over the top of the stumps or just missed the outside edge while plenty of others disappeared in to the hedge. The partnership was only broken when Terrell retired on 50 and the bowling attack breathed a sigh of relief, nay licked their lips as Channa replaced him. However Channa in 2010 is a different prospect to the Channa of previous seasons and with his eye in he and Al contined in a decent partnership which was substantially helped when the captain dropped a sitter at mid off that Channa had failed to get all of. Channa was eventually out when Matt returned at the Tube end, he also sent Ed back first ball to put himself on his second hat-trick ball of the match (the first was left over from a previous game) but as in the first instance he was unable to convert his chance. However Andy Nelson didn’t hang around long as Matt got him with the last ball of the over. The Presidents were going along ok now and continuing to score as the skipper brought himself on and took two wickets (or bought quite expensively). This meant that Stu came back in to continue his already impressive innings. When Al was out caught down the leg side off Dan Stu was left stranded and the Presidents had posted 187 from 34 of their 35 overs.


The rain became too heavy even for Whales to play!



During the interval Pip organised a throwing challenge which raised money for The Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign, which was great fun with prizes for men, ladies, and children. He raised around £70 which was a great effort.
There was also a chance to drink some more of the booze that the club had provided (in an ice filled paddling pool) and make a dent into the feast which had been supplied by players with special thanks to Kamal and Khalil. There was far too much food and it was all absolutely delicious, the mince meat cutlets were a special hit!

Thank goodness for the pavilion and its bar area!



There was also a chance to judge the cake making competion which was hotly contested. The standard ws extremely high but there was only ever going to be one winner after Mrs Terrells was unvield – a cake replica of the mighty Whale emblem.



For the catering it was assumed that each player would bring 10 close friends




The enormous picnic, all the cake and the beer that had been consumed seemed to affect the batting side more than the bowling one when the captains XI walked out to begin their chase. Given a chance up the order Ben Blane looked very comfortable until he was caught by pip off Khalil for 8,Si whistler was then joined by Ben Manzi who payed the innings of his Whalers career to date, his technique is not always straight out of the text book but he hit some lusty blows off Khalil throught he covers and Al had little choice but to replace him. The Captains XI innings lacked any real partnerships and at no time did the bat really dominate the ball. This was likely in part down to the pitch which had become very wet during repeated downpours during which the whole team had to run and shelter along with the food and supporters under the gazebos. The rain slowed the pitch up completely and made shot playing very difficult. The bowlers handled the wet ball well and bowled with control. Rob Lothian was unplayable and accounted for both Rich and Matt in his 4 overs taking 2/18. The most notable innings other than Bens was most certainly Rich who came back in as the captains XI were a batsman short and made the terrible score of two zeros. Surely the first Whaler to ever bag a pair.


The best cake ever?




The president ran out a comfortable winner by 75 and retains his unbeaten record on the occasions, good luck to whoever takes him on next year! The sun was back out as the evening went on and some more of the food and a lot of the beer was consumed as we hung around after the game. There was a presentation where Stu was honoured for his batting (56 not out) and Matt for his bowling (4/22) and Stu received some floweres for his wife’s cake.


Happy people listening to Channa’s speech


Then taxis were ordered and the whole party moved on to a pub in Ealing, leaving the sun setting behind us on what was another extremely enjoyable and successful Captains VS. Presidents match. Thanks to everyone, especially Channa who worked very hard organising. Here is looking to next year!




Whalers Captain’s v President’s 2010
Match ID/Date: CAPTVPRES/07 Aug, 2010
Match Format: Limited Overs: 35-a-side
Venue: Ealing Central Sports Ground
Toss won by Whalers Cap; decided to Bowl first
Umpires: Andrew Clipsham / /
Result: Whalers Pres won by 75 runs
Man of the match: Stu Terrell (Whalers Pres)/Matt Lucas (Whalers Cap)
Whalers Pres Batting Runs (Balls) 1s 2s 4s 6s
Pip English Matt Lucas 1 (8) 1 0 0 0  
Stu Terrell not out 56 (53) 9 4 9 0  
#Ollie Bayne Dave Humphreys 20 (38) 4 4 2 0  
*Al Dickenson ct #Toby Emmerson Dan Osgood 38 (49) 14 4 4 0  
Channa Karunaratne lbw Matt Lucas 36 (33) 8 3 4 1  
Ed Kirkness Matt Lucas 0 (1) 0 0 0 0  
Andy Nelson Matt Lucas 0 (3) 0 0 0 0  
Khalil Ahmed Dan Osgood 15 (14) 1 3 2 0  
Kamal Kamalanathan lbw Rich Giles 5 (3) 1 0 1 0  
Rob Lothian ct James Milanovic Rich Giles 0 (2) 0 0 0 0  
Extras (b 5, w 5, nb 1, lb 5, pen 0) 16    
Total (9 wickets; 33.5 overs) 187 (5.58 runs per over)  
Fall of wickets 1-4(Pip English,1.4), 2-61(Ollie Bayne,14), 3-83(Stu Terrell,17), 4-154(Channa Karunaratne,27.2), 5-154(Ed Kirkness,27.3), 6-154(Andy Nelson,28), 7-176(Khalil Ahmed,31.3), 8-181(Kamal Kamalanathan,32.2), 9-181(Rob Lothian,32.4), 10-187(*Al Dickenson,33.5)


Bowling O M R W RPO Extras
Ben Blane 4 0 20 0 5 (1w)    
Matt Lucas 7 2 22 4 3.14      
Dan Osgood 5.5 0 12 2 2.18 (1w)    
Dave Humphreys 4 0 16 1 4      
Si Whistler 4 0 33 0 8.25      
James Milanovic 4 0 33 0 8.25 (3w)    
Ben Manzi 2 0 14 0 7 (1nbs)    
Rich Giles 3 0 27 2 9      
Whalers Cap Batting Runs (Balls) 1s 2s 4s 6s
Ben Blane ct Pip English Khalil Ahmed 8 (9) 0 0 2 0  
Si Whistler ct Stu Terrell Kamal Kamalanathan 16 (24) 4 2 2 0  
Ben Manzi Pip English 28 (49) 6 3 4 0  
#Toby Emmerson Kamal Kamalanathan 5 (8) 1 2 0 0  
*Rich Giles Rob Lothian 0 (6) 0 0 0 0  
Matt Lucas Rob Lothian 8 (7) 0 0 2 0  
Dan Osgood lbw Al Dickenson 18 (32) 2 1 2 1  
James Milanovic ct Stu Terrell Al Dickenson 3 (10) 1 1 0 0  
Rich Giles 2nd ct Ed Kirkness Al Dickenson 0 (2) 0 0 0 0  
Toby Emmerson 2nd not out 1 (2) 1 0 0 0  
Dave Humphreys did not bat 0 (1) 0 0 0 0  
Extras (b 7, w 10, nb 6, lb 2, pen 0) 25    
Total (9 wickets; 24 overs) 112 (4.67 runs per over)  
Fall of wickets 1-9(Ben Blane,2.4), 2-37(Si Whistler,8.1), 3-51(Toby Emmerson,10.5), 4-57(*Rich Giles,12), 5-67(Matt Lucas,14), 6-96(Ben Manzi,20.1), 7-110(Dan Osgood,23.1), 8-110(Rich G,23.3), 9-112(James Milanovic,23.5), 10-112(Dave Humphreys,24)


Bowling O M R W RPO Extras
Khalil Ahmed 3 2 8 1 2.67      
Ed Kirkness 4 0 18 0 4.5 (1nbs)    
Kamal Kamalanathan 5 0 27 2 5.4 (6w)    
Rob Lothian 4 1 18 2 4.5 (1w; 1nbs)    
Pip English 4 1 15 1 3.75 (1w)    
Channa Karunaratne 2 0 6 0 3 (2nbs)    
Al Dickenson 2 0 11 3 5.5 (2w; 2nbs)    


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