Whalers vs Royal College of Science 11/08/02

The mighty Whalers re-assembled for the final time this season to partake in cricketing conflict against the Royal College of Science, and were promptly spared the ritual losing of the toss when the opposition begged us to bat first, claiming it was the only way they might save face and make a game of this event.

Naive skipper Dickenson accepted with glee, sensing an opportunity to escape a 20p fine, and the Whalers opened the match with the cudgel.

Our folly was quickly noted as the RCS openers bowled with pace and accuracy unbeknown in Whalers circles and Osbourn perished following an eight over stint of watchfulness and good fortune, for just four. With the Whalers middle order quickly exposed following the dismissals of Nelson and Morgan, the supporters were left pinning their hopes on the batting of Dickenson, Cave, Duckfries and the tail, and were not to be disappointed.

Whilst Cave donated his wicket in order to receive medical attention and Mr H lived up to his new found nickname with a first ball dismissal, Osgood provided the skipper with lengthy (if not fast scoring) support enabling Big Al to post a career best 71 littered with shots of style and panache which had us all wondering where he’d been all season. Maybe he should borrow the magic bat more often?

Despite the skippers resistance the Whalers failed to see out the full 40 overs, being dismissed for a middling 150. Notable mention should go to Mr Clipsham, who the scorebook has as being at the crease for nigh on twenty minutes for his single ball duck. Perhaps we should not count time spent disputing the umpires decision in the timings in future, scorers?

Our Southern hemisphere opponents started aggressively as the weather closed in with Clippers belying a double maiden start with a clubbing to the various corners of the ground in the following overs, whilst Osgood continued to pick up pace and accuracy as he probed from the other end. Our reward came as Osgood dismantled the RCS skipper’s middle stump and when Clipsham dismissed their no. 3 with perhaps the second widest ball of the day. They all count though, Mr C.

The threat of Vern remained however and the game was nicely balanced for a while before Mr Mildon took the catch of his future children’s lives off his own bowling and the pendulum swung towards a victorious end to the season. Hanmer came and bewitched with his usual tweakers, once he found the right strip to bowl on, and also took a superb catch over his shoulder to earn Kamal the wicket he deserved for a steady spell.

With steady fielding the Whalers finally dismissed RCS for 75 and returned to the warmth of the bar to somewhat harshly fine our man of the match skipper for hiding his talents under a bushel for so long and having the cheek to think he could avoid his tosser fine by simply not tossing at all.

Man of the Match: Al Dickenson
Champagne moment: Mildons testicle saving catch
Muppet moment: Kamal’s attempt at keepy uppy



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