Whalers vs Cricketers CC

SBU Ground, Turney Road – 7th August 2004

Cricketers 182-4; Whalers 184-6
Whalers win by 4 wickets

After being awarded Man of the match against Salix the week before, I was really looking forward to the revenge match against The Cricketer Pub. Especially considering the way we performed against them earlier in the season, ending up at 37 all out in reply to a total of barely more the 140…

As we were down to 9 players, some new recruits were bought in – Gareth (or Gazza as he is more commonly known) who played against Salix, and Sail. It was a perfect day with not a cloud in sight and very hot. We all started to arrive at about 1 o’clock, I just had a meeting with the bank manager to sort out a loan, and found the weather even hotter in the trouser, shirt and shoes combination.. I saw Duncs car entering the gates of the ground and he gave me a really awkward look, as if to say ‘what the hell you wearing that for!!..’

After finding the opposition also had 9 player, we decided to opt for a 30 overs match, there were lot of rumours of 20twenty but I think common sense in the end prevailed..

The captains tossed and we found ourselves fielding, Dan and I opening the bowling, and about 8 overs latter we has taken a wicket each and not given more then 12 runs. We both enjoyed the opening spell. However from overs 8-30 we managed to give away 170 runs, most of those were due to huge gaps in the field and the ball just dropping short of catching position or looping just over the top. Mind you there were a few mishaps in the field and my last two overs went for about 24 runs (ouch). The surprise here was Gareth (Gazza) who was a decent bowler, and was unlucky not to take a wicket.

Tea was served, and did we deserve it. We had just been knocked around the ground by a few decent shots and a lot of awful ones, and were clearly a bit tired.

Al and new boy Sail opened the batting ad we got off to really decent start with 50 coming off the first 9 overs. Al especially looked in good nick, hitting fours and picking up two’s and one’s.. Sail managed to get himself out to a horrible shot to be replaced by Duncs. A few overs later Al was gone, giving the opposition some catching practice. At this point it was 86-2 and we were looking a bit wobbly. Duncs got himself set in and again was looking good, timing the ball well and picking up good runs. Two wickets in two balls saw the end of Gareth and Ed, giving practice to the Cricketer’s keeper. Then came my turn (I was a bit tired as the sun was very hot) but Duncs and I got down to restoring some order. We started to hit the bad balls and push into space for one’s and two’s. Dunc’s got the worst delivery of the day – a fantastically wide, slow and short pitched delivery. I can see it now as I write this, Duncs raising his bat to slap the ball over midwicket, but managed to drag it onto his leg stump.

At 115-5, in came Dan and we began working the ball very well. Dan played a well timed shot in the air past the keeper, but the fielder just square managed to get a hand to it (a very good catch) to leave the score at 124-6. In came the captain, we settled down quickly again but still had a few moments of despair; at one point standing still looking at each other while attempting a run, and another one where I skied the bowl so high with their best fielder was underneath it. He put out his hand to make the catch and in went the ball but managed to bounce straight back out. Now we were 150-6 and looking good. Paul was hitting the bowl to the boundry, in style and picking up a good few runs, I just kept the bowl moving around as much as I could, (very tiring work running up and down the 22 yard pitch). We managed to get the remaining runs without dropping another wicket and win the match.

A thoroughly deserved victory for Whalers, and second of the season chasing, and a good revenge for the 37 earlier in the season

Well done boys

Man of the Match: Paul bowling six overs and hitting 34 runs
Champagne Moment: Dan clean bowling one of their opening batsman (wicket knocked out of the ground)
Muppet Moment: Paul’s misfield – where the ball bounced and deviated right over his head for four runs


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