Whalers 1st Annual Beer Game

Perivale – 23rd April 2005

It was under grey and threatening skies that assorted new and seasoned Whalers gathered in the West London suburb of Perivale for the first ever Whalers intra-club game. The hope was that, in playing ourselves, we would knock off some of the rust and thus avoid the usual humiliating defeat that is typically the first game of our season.

We managed to get 15 players together which, although a slightly lower number than hoped for was quite enough to make a day of it. It was decided that the best thing to do was to have a ‘pairs competition’ with each pair facing 7 overs. A complicated scoring system was devised but suffice to say each pair got as many runs as they scored minus 10 runs for each time they lost a wicket. There were also bonus runs available for taking wickets and catches.

Once everyone had got the hang of what we were doing and Ollie stopped changing his mind, we were under way with Stu and new boy Richard having first dibs at the crease. It was clear that classical accumulation of runs was not going to be the order of the day as this pair plundered their way to an excellent 61 runs in 7 overs.

At this point it is probably worth pointing out that conditions did not do much to help the bowlers. The on-off drizzle had turned the pitch into a featherbed and anything short (of which there was a fair bit) was easy meat. The one consolation was that the damp outfield meant the ball was frequently stopped short of the boundary even though it seemed a certain 4 on leaving the bat.

Stu and Richard’s performance was always going to be a tough act to follow and pressure clearly got to the next pair, Paul and Dan H, who left themselves on a negative score after losing a series of wickets (with Andy Clipsham being particularly devastating).

The afternoon continued in a similarly varied way with some pairs performing well and with others, er, not doing not so well. Particular note should go to Duncs who scored the record individual score for the day – 41. Many other batsmen acquitted themselves well with new signing Toby and occasional Whaler Geoff both looking good. It was always going to be a tough day for the bowlers but credit should go to Andy C (5-1-26-3), Geoff (4-0-15-4), Duncs (4-0-19-3) and Richard (5-1-26-3). The format of the day meant that safe, defensive play was never going to be popular or effective which, in part, accounted for the large number of dismissals – I only hope this has not set the tone for the rest of the season!

All in all it was a pretty successful afternoon with all players getting a chance to bat, bowl and field and the general standard was good. I’m not sure we got quite enough dropped catches out of system (although a fair view still went down) but maybe this bodes well for the season.

After the game we moved smartly to Ealing for beers and burgers at Ha Ha’s before some people went home and others stayed on to get very drunk.

Results for the day (all results include runs scored, runs deducted for losing wickets and bonuses for wickets/catches):

Placing Partnership Score
1 Stu & Richard 81
2 Duncs & Kamal 56
3 Ollie & Phil 45
4 Jeff & Phil 43
5 Toby & Piers 35
6 Andy & Ed 28
7 Paul & Dan H -6
8 Khalil & Ads -18


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