Whalers v Valkyries

Westminster Uni Sports Ground – 12th June 2005
Whalers 269-8 (35 overs). Valkyries 60 all out. Whalers win by 209 runs

After consigning our winless opening to the season to history with victory against Elthorne the previous week, the Whalers gathered in good heart for our opening home match of the season at our new venue, Westminster Uni sports ground.

The pavilion and electronic scoreboard looked too good to be true, and having met the groundsman it became clear that it was…we were on the green looking pitch over to the left, but were at least provided with means of communicating the score to the middle, a factor that was quickly to prove important.

The opposition turned up in good spirits (or should that be under the influence of spirits) but it was well past the appointed hour by the time they managed anything like a full complement. Undeterred, Whalers openers Al and Phil strode purposefully to the middle to take on the Valkyries’ attack, and Phil quickly garnered his first Whalers run amid the stream of opening over wides and no balls which flew down in his direction.

Alas, either the 12 ball first over or the glow of his first Whalers run got to his head, and Phil was dismissed early in the second over to the straight one which kept low, bringing Oz to the wicket rather earlier than he’d foolishly anticipated.

Two overs later the score read 55-1, which tells you all you need to know about the brutality of the hitting and the less than stringent test posed by the bowling, especially since Al remained on 1. Unfortunately Al then ignored his own warning which included the lines “nothing stupid” and “watch the straight one that doesn’t bounce” and got himself bowled stupidly swiping at the straight one that didn’t bounce, bringing Duncs briefly to the wicket, determined not to get stumped or fall victim to the head in clouds weaknesses of yesteryear. He shouldn’t have worried, since Whalers inevitably find new weaknesses when such steely determination is set in place, and a mix up between Duncs and Oz led to a rather unfortunate run out incident. By now you’ll have established that Oz is responsible for this match report.

The skipper replaced him and quickly set about the bowling, but Oz didn’t last long thereafter, done by the “spinner” for a quickfire 43. To cut what is in danger of becoming a very long story short, there ended the Whalers batting travails. Ollie stroked his way to 54 before a toys out of pram dismissal which suggested that, in his own mind at least, the ton was his for the taking, before Geoff proved a bat doesn’t need a spring by clubbing 37 with his Indian plank. Hanmer’s new bat was put to good work with a Whalers best 29 and Piers wracked up a fine 32. With Ed firing a late 11 not out the Whalers posted 269-8 off the reduced 35 overs, and a hearty tea was enjoyed with the Whalers confident of victory.

Whether the Valkyries were now entirely sober is probably best left unasked, but the batting did not prove significantly more successful than the bowling, and probing spells from Ed (2-12), Gilo (2-11), Kamal (1-17) all set the Whalers up nicely as wickets fell at regular, and in some cases not so regular intervals. Pick of the bowlers though was Piers with 3-13 which wrapped up the man of the match award nearly as neatly as it wrapped up the game, Valyries all out for 60 with a stumping and a run out completing what was a fairly comprehensive Whalers victory.


Man of the match: Piers, 3-13
Champagne moment: ?
Muppet: ?

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