Whalers CC vs Balham Rovers

Whalers CC lost to Balham Roamers CC by 83 runs

No matter what anyone says, when you’re used to playing at International stadiums, geeing yourself up for a game in Dulwich on a bumpy pitch and with none of the facilities we’ve become used to was always going to be a challenge.  And when you have to bowl first on one of the hottest days of the year, it just gets harder!  Still, when has poor odds ever stopped the Whalers?!

After eight overs Balham Roamers had rushed along to 35 – 0, with runs flowing both off the bat, or for byes as one bad bounce after another gave Ollie no chance behind the stumps.  Neither a straight pea-roller from Andy, or constant flashes outside the off stump off James brought about the breakthrough, so Geoff and Dan were brought in to try and gain the upper hand.

Geoff was desperately unlucky not to take a wicket, with a few catches failing to stick, and others dropping short.  Figures of 8 overs, 0 wickets for 34 were no justice.  Dan, however, had a little more luck, proving that he can spin the ball a foot at full pace and dispose of the opener for an impressive 45.  Whether the dodgy pitch had anything to do with it could be discussed further.  Rich replaced Dan, and was unlucky not to take a wicket in his first over as another catch went down.  Ads faired little better with a drop catch off his bowling.  Rich finally got his just reward bowling out their number three batsman.

Dan and James returned at the end to take three more wickets with the Roamers finally finishing with 207 for 6.

Refreshed from our tea, Al and Dario looked to make inroads but after a promising start Al missed a straight one.  Ollie then started with some furious hitting before offering a catch while on 15. Balham responded with a change in the bowling.  The new bowler’s second over was dispatched by Andy Nelson, including a six over deep square leg, and all of a sudden the Whalers looked in a reasonable position.  Could we really chase a score of over 200?

Unfortunately for us, this turned out to be a rare poor over from the new bowler and the score slipped from 61 for 2 to 86 for 8.  Dario’s solid batting at the top of the order had amounted only 12 runs while Ed and Rich gave only brief glimpses of their big hitting ability. As a moment of charity, Balham Roamers threw on a true pie thrower.  Geoff took full advantage, hitting a straight six, as well as offering some catching practice which the opposition turned down while James became the fifth and final man to score double figures before being bowled for 10. Geoff’s was left stranded 22 not out, Whaler’s top scorer!  The Whaler’s were finally bowled out for 124 and lost by 83 runs.

Man of the Match:  Geoff (well bowled, caught and bat)

Champagne moment:  Andy Nelson (six over deep square leg)

Muppet:  Dario (the two full tosses outside leg to sta

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