Whalers vs. Elthorne

  CSSC – 15/07/06

With only nine Whalers arriving by the allotted time and South West trains playing its usual silly buggers we realised that the game would start with only 3 of it’s prized “four paced pronged attack”. The success of the match hinged on the skipper for the day, Mildon, winning the toss…

He lost. The Whalers we sent out into the field during the hottest part of the day – luckily with a fair breeze in the air.

Osgood and Judd opened the bowling with good pace off varied length run-ups, although Osgood appeared to struggle to find his line with many lengthy overs as the extras total crept up. The opening batsmen started strongly and were amassing a good total. The skipper decided it was time to bring himself on and a wicket quickly fell with a prod to short mid-off. The heat had clearly got to some of the players heads with plenty of profanities being bounded around and some early wild fielding. Another wicket fell shortly with Judd clean bowling the no3. (Andy L). The no1 (Peter M) was still looking strong.

The fourth member of the “pronged attack” was seen sauntering across from the changing rooms after half an hour of play, and suddenly gaining a bout of enthusiasm attempted to join the field of play during the middle of an over. Khalil was installed at fine leg and soon joined the bowling attack. As usual Khalil’s bowling was accurate and hard to play removing 2 wickets over the course of his 8 overs at the expense of only 17 runs.

With one of the openers (no1 – Peter M) still in place the Whalers resorted to removing batsmen around him until he finally fell as one of Osgood’s 3 wickets – for 74 runs.

The highlight of the fielding performance was a one handed catch by Ollie Bayne behind the stumps after moving one way (not sure why) and then swiftly shifting his weight and snatching the ball from the sky.

After 40 overs Elthorne had been restricted to 175-9 – a total that we felt we could attack particularly with the short pavilion side boundary. The total would have looked even better if it weren’t for the 40 extras (including 20 wides and 10 no-balls/beamers), but this was made up by some tight fielding (despite overthrows) and good field placement.

So we set off on the long walk to tea eagerly awaiting the sausage rolls and ham sandwiches that awaited us. Having sampled the most of the team I can recommend the Montana Triple Chocolate Bars (see http://www.rivifoods.com/ProductMontana.shtml for info. Hopefully they will send me some free ones!) – as one Whaler commented “There’s a ‘ole lot o’ mountain in that biscuit“.

Back to the cricket. The opening pair of Dickinson and Osborne strode confidently to the crease. After Osgood signaled 2 consecutive wides Dickinson got off the mark with a four, with the run rate now at 3.6 an over we felt that we had got off to a good start, 5 dot balls followed, to become somewhat prevalent during Al’s innings, the run rate was down to 6 an over.

The opening pair made good progress and even celebrated their growing partnership by dancing in the middle of the wicket. The opposition weren’t so bowled over by this show of mutual affection and tried to run them out, luckily they just finished dancing in time to return to the opposite crease.

After surviving a scare when the ball was edged just over the stumps and straight through the wicket keeper to hit a small child frolicking on the boundary Oz kept the score ticking. The short boundary was utilised more than once. Al supported at the other end dealing with an inordinate amount of dot balls.

After a while Oz got “bored” and decided to hit out further, after coming down the track he managed to pick out the fielder at long on, the ball was cleanly struck and the fielder managed to hold on well to a ball that would have flown over his head. The distraught fielder then looked down to see his feet over the boundary line. Buoyed on by his good fortune Oz continued in this fashion before being caught on the boundary a few balls later after scoring 75 off 65 balls. The score stood at 119-1.

This brought Forte to the crease and after adding a few runs he fell cheaply for 12, having put on 23 runs with Dickinson to take the score to 142-2. Now the player we had all come to see, on the back of a career high 42 in the previous week, Nelson sauntered to the crease sporting a fetching pair of hockey boots trimmed with orange (note for fines session). Al fell quickly afterwards after being cleaned bowled – a partnership of zero but a good innings of 45 from 80 balls.

With Nelson and Kirkness at the crease the talk in the middle was that we could finish the game off. We spoke too soon and both wickets fell in quick succession after some aggressive batting – both bowled with head most definitely in the clouds and bat most definitely not anywhere near the ball.

So it fell to Bayne and Dennis to finish off the game, with Bayne 0 not out after facing one ball and Dennis hitting the winning runs.

Whalers win by 5 wickets.

Key stats:

Osgood 8 ov – 2 mdns – 26 runs – 3 wkts

Khalil – 8 ov – 3 mdns – 17 runs – 2 wkts

Osborne 75 (off 65)

Dickinson 45 (off 80)

 Man of Match: Ahmed – bowling spell

Champagne:  Bayne caught behind

Muppet: Dickinson & Osborne – Shall we dance? Clearly the answer was “yes”


Fines of £40.05 raised – proceeds to Sports Relief.




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