Match Report: Whalers vs Normadic Norsemen
South Bank University Ground - 10th August 2003

Whalers win by 32 runs
Whalers 222-9, Nomadic Norseman 190 all out

This had a very end of season feel about due to the number of Whalers on holiday, honeymoon, hungover or unwilling to play in the searing heat of a Dulwich summers day. As the mercury hit 40 degrees the 2 captains wisely decided on a 35 over game with numerous drinks breaks.

Whalers won the toss and with no tactical consideration elected to sunbathe, sorry bat. The captain feeling most players could not cope with further dehydration. Roland Hogg's good lady may have been about to give birth but he was still here to open with Big Al. Some hard hitting from the Hoggmeister and paddling from Al saw the score race to 23 off 5 overs. Unfortunately Roland may have imagined the screams from the labour ward as he was bowled for 14, followed by a second ball duck for Bob on debut. In came the Welsh Wizard to start the day's battle with Al with bowling honours at stake later in the day they both set about the Norseman attack. The usual haymaking from the valleys saw Richie race to 45 before one cart to many saw his downfall. Nelson came and went rather quickly whilst Mr Clipsham's dramatic promotion to number six saw him avoid the duck award for the season but unfortunately one run was all that we saw before being well stumped by the keeper. Al finally succumbed for 53. Dario and the skipper kept the scoreboard ticking before some rather lacklustre running and excellent fielding saw Dario run out. Sherratt joined the Ed Kirkness school of "why has he not batted like this before" getting 22 and Kamal ran himself out for a change. Even Duckfreys scored 10 as Whalers made 222 for 9.

As the crowd swelled to 7 sunbathers and the paddling pool got busy Whalers took the field. With Dickenson one wicket up over Williams for the season it looked like a battle to commence but what would the skipper choose? Williams opened up but the early wickets went to Clipsham and Mildon. However a good 2 wicket partnership from Dom and Steve kept Williams and Whalers at bay. Surely it was time for Al's "Flight and Guile" to break the deadlock? Well no, feeling that his long innings had maybe tired him in the sapping heat the skipper turned to Dario, 4 overs and 4 wickets later it seemed the right decision. Williams came back on to claim 2 wickets including the opener Steve who scored 70 and pole position for the bowling crown. With a tail wagging Dickenson was given an over which went for 6 runs and no wickets. However at the other end Humphreys had 3 balls and took the final wicket, Norseman finishing on 190 all out.

A great game to end the season and give Whalers there most successful season to date. Bring on 2004.

Paul Mildon