Rain the winner again

Whalers v Putney 4ths, Saturday 31 July

Rain continued to be the main story of the 2021 season so far, with the Whalers bowlers on top when the heavens opened after ~20 overs.

After quite a lot of faff during the week, we managed to get an almost full team out at short notice – many thanks to Kieron, Eshan, and Bilal for stepping in. However, on arrival at Battersea Park there was already a game going on what we had been told was our pitch (which looked very nicely prepared). So off we wandered to the other pitch which had a few footballers on the outfield and looked, shall we say, a little under-prepared? After a bit of debate over which of the strips was slightly less soggy, the Whalers won the toss and we were… bowling.

Once the skipper’s decision had been debated and Viren arrived (credit also to Fraser’s partner for bringing the team kitbag), Suhaib and Dan got things under way. Dan got an early wicket caught behind by Dean, and Suhaib got the other opener thanks to a good catch from Kieron. In fact our catching all game was distinctly un-Whaler-like, with every chance taken. This might have had something to do with the soothing yoga music coming from the next door festival, which definitely kept everyone’s heart rate down – except for Nick, who found the spectacle more arousing.

The next pair consolidated things a bit and the occasional wide ball tended to be dispatched to the boundary. But generally the bowling was pretty solid throughout. Eshan took his first Whalers wicket, an achievement which your writer is sure will be a lifelong memory, thanks to another good catch from Viren. Bilal also bowled well on debut, and by drinks Putney were only on 66-3. The sun even made a brief appearance, prompting Fraser to scramble for the factor 50. However, there was also a filthy grey cloud getting closer, and post-drinks there was only time for a couple more overs including a wicket for Vishal with one which didn’t really bounce. Then the heavens opened, and everyone ran for the nearest tree in the hope it might provide some shelter (it didn’t).

With the rain still pelting down and a large lake forming in the middle of the wicket, the game was quickly called off before Putney scarpered to try to find something which provided a bit more protection from the weather. The yoga dancing people, on the other hand, were still going quite happily.

We’re still trying to track down the scorecard, but best guess at this stage would be:

Putney ~70-4 off ~19 overs

Whalers DNB

Match abandoned